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Oh so eine option

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I can search online for details of how to fix my radio rather than thumbing through the Yellow Pages. And I can find a oh so eine option of other information on the Internet instead of spending hours on the phone.

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The transformative power of digitalisation is felt not only by you or me, of course, but by the whole of society. It is a force that has many positive impacts, not just because it makes so many aspects of our lives much easier and more convenient.

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Digital technologies enable efficient integration of renewable energies into our power supply and allow networking of mobility services. But digitalisation also has potential to accelerate climate change and the destruction of the environment — by increasing consumption, for example, via the oh-so-easy option of round-the-clock shopping from our smartphones.

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In this issue, we look at the opportunities but also the risks of digitalisation. We reveal how data regulation can affect the sustainability of digitalisation and look at its energy and resource consumption.

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As always, this issue of eco work comes to you via digital technology of course. I wish you an enjoyable read.